PUBLIC TALKS (Free Admission)

Two public talks (see the scientific program below) are scheduled at Rudder Theater at 7:30 pm :
  • [May 14 (Mon)] Prof. George Smoot (UC Berkeley), The Echoes of Creation
  • [May 16 (Wed)] Dr. Leon Lederman (Fermilab), Sputnik, Frog, and Science Education

    SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (Each talk is 35 min long including Q/A.)

    Room: Room 202, James J. Cain Engineering/Physics (ENPH) Teaching Building
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  • Review individually:
  • [May 13 & Reception]
  • [May 14]
  • [May 15 & Banquet]
  • [May 16]
  • [May 17 & BBQ ]
  • [May 18]
  • Registration: Please register by clicking "REGISTRATION" tab. (There is no registration fee for this workshop.)
    To Speakers: To ensure that the conference does not fall behind schedule, all electronic presentations (ie. adobe pdf, powerpoint, etc.) will be run from our computers at the site. There will be a computer running Windows and another running a Mac OS.

    To ensure that your presentation functions properly at the site, we request that you email us your presentation to Sheldon Campbell ( so that we may test it on our computers, and have it ready on the computer for your scheduled talk.

    The adobe pdf format is the most portable of formats. We recommend that you convert your presentation to pdf, if possible.

    If you should be unable to send your talk ahead of your arrival, please bring the talk on a USB memory stick so that we may easily put the file on our computer and test it before your presentation.

    We plan to put the slides of the speakers on the web after the conference.

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    (Free Admission)
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    PPC Workshop Room

    James J. Cain Engineering/Physics (ENPH) Building